About Us

Someone once said that “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” That being said, the owners here at “Salt Chic” are related by blood… and it is in that bond that Salt Chic was born.

Each of the three owners of this venture contributes a part of her, or himself everyday by giving 110%. Unlike the majority of the workforce in this country today, these three people come to work because they have the desire to, not because they have to. The fire inside them ignites everyday because they have a chance to provide a product for women, and young girls alike that by far surpasses any other apparel brand due to a very simple reason: Because “Salt Chic” spotlights those same women, and young girls that hunger, and thirst for any pursuit, or endeavor on, or near this beautiful Earth’s oceans.

Other companies sell the tee shirts with production line type logos, drawings, or generic sayings. “Salt Chic” understands that its survival depends on the company having the exact genuine lust for the oceans, and seas, that its clients have.

Again, it is in that same desire, and love of fishing, diving, surfing, boarding, boating, or any activity on our Earth’s beautiful aqua blue waters that women love. Or it may be as simple as just sitting on the beach, and enjoying a beautiful day.

Two of the “Salt Chic” owners share that same love, and passion, and that is what brought them together 25 years ago when they met on a fishing trip off Clearwater Beach, Florida, and have shared that bond since, and will continue to share ‘til the end.